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Housing Supply Task Force

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The report of the Housing Supply Task Force to the Minister for Housing and Regeneration.

The Welsh Government created a Housing Supply Task Force in July 2013.

The Housing Supply Task Force was established in July 2013 to give advice to the Welsh Government on how to increase housing supply and maximise the jobs and growth delivered by home building. The intention was to offer practical proposals to tackle the barriers to home building and encourage more development.  

The Task Force’s aims were to:

  • give the Minister for Housing and Regeneration clear advice on how to increase the number of new homes built through more:
    • direct development by local authorities
    • open market housing development
    • affordable housing development.
  • make sure local planning authorities know their role in making it easier to build new homes in the most suitable places
  • make sure proactive ways of home building are taken up more widely
  • set out a clear policy and approach to encourage developers
  • show how the Welsh Government is committed to increasing the number of new homes in Wales
  • identify the steps local authorities and the wider public sector need to take in order to build more homes. 

The Task Force brought together a small group of people with expertise and experience to ensure the work was completed quickly and thoroughly. The members of the group did not represent the views of any single interest. 

The following is a list of the Task Force Members:

  • Chair: Robin Staines, Director of Housing, Carmarthenshire County Council
  • Vice Chair: Stephen Cook, Valleys to Coast Housing
  • Sasha Davies, Strategic Director for Economy and Place, Conwy County Borough Council
  • Geoff Petty, Chief Finance Officer, South Wales Police
  • Andy Jones, Relationship Director – Wales and the South West, Barclays
  • Jane Carpenter, South Wales Planning Director, Redrow Group Services
  • Richard Price, Home Builders Federation

The group met monthly from August 2013 and received evidence from a variety of key organisations in the home building sector and from officials within Welsh Government. A number of important themes and issues came through during the discussions. 

The Task Force has reported to the Minister with a number of recommendations of action intended to increase the supply of affordable and market housing. The Minister has responded to The report through his oral statement of the 4th March.

For further information about the Task Force, please email: