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Rural housing

We recognise affordability of housing is an issue for rural communities across Wales.

A major factor contributing to the ability of people to access housing that is affordable is high house price to local income ratios. The current economic climate also challenges the availability of mortgages for individuals as well as generally putting pressure on the finance that is available for housing development.

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation Commission on Housing in Rural Wales (external link) recommended that a range of interrelated responses to the rural housing challenge were required, including the wider use of Rural Housing Enablers (RHE).
There are currently nine RHEs in Wales. They represent communities in rural Wales with appropriate local stakeholders such as housing and planning authorities. They work closely with them to identify local housing need and act to increase the supply of housing to meet that need.

We provide funding support for all of the RHE projects and liaises closely with the project steering group to receive progress updates and evaluate effectiveness. To date, the RHEs have worked to support the development of 193 affordable homes in rural communities across Wales.  

We are also members of the Rural Housing Strategic Group. The group also includes representatives of Community Housing Cymru, the Welsh Local Government Association and the RHE Network. The aim of the group is to shape and develop national and local approaches to rural housing.

Visit: Community Housing Cymru (external link)

Visit: Rural Housing Enabler website (external link)