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Empty Dwelling Management Orders

Empty Dwelling Management Orders enable local authorities to take management control of privately owned empty homes so they can secure occupation of them.

These powers are intended to support existing procedures, for instance compulsory purchase orders and voluntary agreements between homeowners and local authorities.

There are 2 types of Empty Dwelling Management Orders (EDMO), interim and final. Both types may only be used when a dwelling has been empty without good reason for over 6 months and certain other conditions are met. They are made against the person with the most relevant interest in the dwelling, known as the 'relevant proprietor'.

Sometimes there are good reasons for a property to be empty and there are safeguards to take account of these. An EDMO cannot be made on a building that:

  • is not a dwelling, ie a building or part of a building used for non-residential purposes
  • is not wholly occupied, for instance only part of a house or flat is unoccupied or there are spare rooms not in use
  • has been lived in at any time within the previous 6 months.