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Co-operative housing

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This research explores the early, developmental stages of co-operative housing in Wales, with a view to understanding how co-operative housing schemes have progressed so far.

We are working with partners to deliver more co-operative housing in Wales.

There are three pilot co-operative housing projects that have potential to deliver around 90 co-operative homes for rent and part ownership in both urban and rural parts of Wales.

These schemes are developing in partnership with housing associations and local authorities with funding support from us. They are supported by the  Wales Co-operative Centre (external link), Confederation of Co-operative Housing, as well as other housing and co-operative experts.

Beyond these three pilot schemes there are also a number of emerging schemes that are interested in delivering co-operative housing. Market research shows there is a demand for, and interest in, co-operative housing in Wales.    

The Housing (Wales) Act 2014 will lift the ban on fully mutual co-operatives from granting of assured tenancies and also create an additional ground for possession to allow a lender to fully mutual co-operatives to end an assured tenancy to allow repossession on vacant possession value.

This will create certainty, assurance, protection and security for tenants of fully mutual housing co-operatives. It will create a better environment for fully mutual housing co-operatives to exist and allow  them to develop more robustly and independently.