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Major Repairs Allowance

Major Repairs Allowance (MRA) is a grant paid to 11 Local Housing Authorities who still manage and maintain their council housing.

It is a capital grant and must be used to meet the Welsh Housing Quality Standard by December 2020 and maintain it afterwards. The Standard requires homes to have safe and secure doors, windows, modern kitchens and bathrooms, and be located in attractive and safe environments.

This is important as the quality of tenants’ homes has a major impact for example on their health and well being, their children’s educational attainment and their ability to get and keep a job.

The amount of MRA grant each local authority has been awarded by Welsh Government in 2018-19 is: 

Isle of Anglesey - £2,664,000

Denbighshire - £2,412,000

Flintshire - £5,065,000

Wrexham - £7,572,000

Powys - £3,673,000

Pembrokeshire - £3,995,000

Carmarthenshire - £6,209,000

Vale of Glamorgan - £2,759,000

Cardiff - £9,514,000

Caerphilly - £7,351,000

Swansea - £9,185,000