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Information for local authorities

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Information about Private sector housing renewal and renewal areas.

Private sector housing renewal

Local authorities can offer homeowners financial help with home improvement and repair. This can include grants and loans for acquiring, adapting, improving, repairing, demolishing and replacing accommodation.

The type of help available will be contained in the local authority’s housing renewal policy. To help ensure these decisions are fair and give priority to vulnerable households we provide detailed guidance.

Renewal Areas

Area based renewal schemes enable local authorities to focus activity and investment on areas that combine a need for assistance with the potential for regeneration.

Investment in area based renewal schemes should not only secure improvements to houses themselves but also to environmental, social and economic conditions, leading to a restoration of confidence in the area. These wide ranging benefits of area renewal are also important in tackling the problems many local communities face in terms of social exclusion and sustainability.

We provide local authorities with grants for housing renewal areas.

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