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Help for the disabled and older people

Older person.
Improving the homes of disabled and older people can mean the difference between continuing to live at home and having to move into care.

Disabled Facilities Grants can help with the cost of adapting disabled people's homes. Help is also available from the Rapid Response Adaptations Programme which is designed to enable people to leave hospital or residential care as soon as they are able to.

Care and Repair agencies advise on grants and provide other practical help and advice on improvements. There is a Care and Repair agency for every part of Wales. For more information on the help available and details of your local Care and Repair agency visit the Care and Repair Cymru website.

View: Care and Repair Cymru website (external link)

Housing Adaptations leaflet

This leaflet shows you where to get help, support and advice:

  • for you;
  • for your family; and
  • for your clients

Visit: Housing Adaptations leaflet: Care and repair website (external link)