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Homes for Wales Bulletin: March 2013

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We sought your views on the housing White Paper which sets out our proposals for new legislation and other, non-legislative, action.
To tackle social issues and as part of meeting housing demand in Wales, we want empty properties to come back into use.
Tell us if you want any of the documents on this page in an alternative format.
Homes for Wales bulletins provide updates on housing legislation and key housing developments.

This Homes for Wales Bulletin is the second in a series of regular updates on the Welsh Government’s commitment to reform housing legislation and improve lives and communities.

This edition is timed to co-incide with the Chartered Institute of Housing’s Tai 2013 conference. Welsh Government is pleased to offer its support to the conference and the opportunity it gives to the housing sector to discuss and tackle key issues of the day.

This edition covers:

  • Under-occupancy in the Social Rented Sector
  • Houses into homes
  • NewBuy Cymru – Mortgage Guarantee Scheme
  • Co-operative Housing
  • Housing Quality
  • Anti-Social Behaviour Policy and Practice Review
  • Social Housing Management Grant.