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About this topic

Housing and regeneration are central to improving the lives of the people of Wales, particularly those from the most disadvantaged communities. Our aim is to ensure that people have a high-quality, warm, secure and energy-efficient home to live in. We are committed to investing in areas of Wales to help the economy thrive and regenerate communities.


A home is a vital part of people’s lives, affecting health and well being, quality of life, and opportunities available to them. Housing is the bedrock of communities, driving the demand for local services, shops and facilities. People’s homes are the focus for the delivery of many services.

The big long-term challenges that our actions will contribute to meeting are:

  • increasing the supply and choice
  • improving quality
  • improving housing services and support.

Our Legislative Programme includes a wide-ranging Housing Bill. In autumn 2013, we expect the National Assembly to begin consideration of the Bill. This is the first stage in the legislation making process.


There are currently seven regeneration areas across Wales. The aim is to help them achieve long-lasting economic, environmental and social change. We are investing in people and places.

Our approach aims to increase skills and employment opportunities, and improve communities so they are better for people and the environment.

Vibrant and Viable Places

On 11 March 2013, the Welsh Government launched its new regeneration framework, “Vibrant and Viable Places”. This will become operational from 2014.