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Sexual health and Looked After Children

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Six leaflets concerning sexual health and Looked After Children. They address issues including puberty, sex education and contraception.

You can download the sheets from the bottom of the page.

Sheet 1

Puberty is the time when children begin to go through all the changes of becoming adults. These changes affect their bodies, their feelings and how they relate to other people. For boys, most changes happen between the ages of 10 and 18. For girls, their periods can start at any time between 8 and 16. This sheet is about helping children prepare for these changes.

Sheet 2

Answering questions about sex, sexuality and sexual health is a normal part of bringing up children, and everyone involved in their care should be prepared to help or support this. Encouraging open discussion in home settings will contribute an important part of a child’s or young person’s education on sex and relationships, and complement formal education programmes.

Sheet 3

All children have the right to receive a planned programme of sex and relationships education (SRE) that goes beyond informal discussions at home. This is usually delivered in school, but some children may need different arrangements in other settings.

Sheet 4

Young people might need these services for contraception, emergency (after-sex) contraception, pregnancy testing, advice about pregnancy, or if they think they have a sexually transmitted infection. They may also be worried about sex or sexuality. The services include telephone helplines, young people’s clinics, family planning clinics, genito-urinary medicine (GUM) clinics, family doctors (GPs) and pharmacists.

Sheet 5

Policies and guidelines help everyone know where they stand when working on sensitive and sometimes controversial topics. These can range from national guidance on good practice, to local authority policy documents, to ‘house rules’ for individual homes. Sex and relationships is a field where there are often strongly held personal views, as well as great potential for both harm and scandal.

Sheet 6

These resources include some books, leaflets, teaching packs, organisations and websites that can support the actions recommended in this series of information sheets.