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From breakfast to bedtime: Helping you and your toddler through the day!

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Cartoon child
Being a parent to a young child who is full of energy can be a roller coaster ride of amazing moments and tearing your hair out! All parents know the good times with their children; it may be just that today’s busy lifestyles make them harder to see.

Understanding your child’s needs and how to meet them will help you have more of the ups and less of the downs. This booklet focuses on positive parenting, encouraging children to feel good about themselves and promoting good behaviour through establishing routines and setting boundaries.

Difficult times are more likely to happen when children are bored or frustrated. How you respond to them and how you are feeling can sometimes turn a simple task into a battle of wills. Obviously, these can’t always be avoided but a few, simple ideas may help you and your children to have more of the good times!

Parents of disabled children may face additional challenges and pressures, which cannot be addressed within this booklet. However, there are details of organisations that may be able to help in the Contacts section.