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The Sunbeds (Regulation) Act 2010 (Wales) Regulations 2011

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These regulations provide further controls and make it an offence for sunbed salons to be unsupervised or to sell or hire a sunbed to anyone under 18.

In April 2011, a ban on businesses allowing under-18s to use sunbeds on their premises came into force in Wales and England through the introduction of The Sunbeds (Regulation) Act 2010 (external link).

The Sunbeds (Regulation) Act 2010 (Wales) Regulations 2011, which came into force on 31 October 2011, introduced further controls for sunbed use in Wales by ensuring that businesses:

  • prohibit the sale or hire of sunbeds to under 18s
  • supervise the use of sunbeds
  • provide safe and appropriate protective eyewear
  • display the prescribed health information in a prominent position and make available to sunbed users
  • do not provide or display any material that contains statements relating to the health effects of sunbeds other than the prescribed health information

The Regulations also extend the ban of under 18s sunbed use to domestic premises.

Local authorities are responsible for enforcing the Regulations on sunbed premises.

Health information to comply with the Sunbeds (Regulation) Act 2010 (Wales) Regulations 2011

The regulations require sunbed businesses to provide a copy of the leaflet to each customer and display the poster on the premises.

Sunbed businesses are required to print their own supplies of the posters and leaflets. Posters must be printed on a minimum of A3 paper or card, leaflets on a minimum of A4 paper or card.