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Chief Optometric Adviser

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A 5 year plan to improve eye health in Wales and support those living with sight loss.
The report aims to provide a summary of currently provided sensory care services in the context of poor eye health and hearing loss.
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Supporting the Welsh Government with professional advice on optometry matters relating to health.

The Chief Optometric Advisor provides independent professional advice relating to optometric services and eye health matters in Wales.

  • leads the optometry profession in Wales and has a strategic role in eye health regulation, education, training, standards and performance
  • leads the development of policy and legislation relating to the optometry profession and eye health
  • works across all Welsh Government departments and with a range of external partners to improve eye health and reduce inequalities.

The Chief Optometric Advisor works closely with:

  • other government departments and stakeholders to coordinate eye health activity and information
  • Health Boards to encourage and strengthen local engagement, developing appropriate responses to eye health issues across Wales
  • the General Optical Council
  • Optometry Wales
  • Public Health Wales.

Poor eye health is a common and growing problem in Wales because of the aging population. This is of concern because sight loss affects every part of a person’s life and has a dramatic impact on wellbeing. About half of sight loss could be prevented and early identification and intervention is crucial.

We have been active in the development of eye health care to preserve sight through the early detection of eye disease and to help those who develop sight loss and whose sight is unlikely to improve.

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