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International work of the Chief Nursing Officer

Professor Jean White is currently an expert adviser to the World Health Organization (WHO) European Region.

Following Jean’s 2015 work with the WHO Regional Committee, the Strategic Directions for nursing and midwifery for the period 2016-2020 were finalised.

The Strategic Directions document (external link) has 4 priorities:

  • scaling up and transforming education
  • workforce planning and optimising skill mix
  • ensuring positive work environments
  • promoting evidence-based practice and innovation.
It sets out 12 objectives to strengthen nursing and midwifery in the 53 countries that make up the WHO European Region.

In addition to this, nursing and midwifery in Wales is closely watched internationally, with attention to:  
  • our national adoption of prudent healthcare
  • our framework for advanced practice (external link) 
  • the long term work programmes we have to develop nursing workload tools and recent legislation to ensure nurse staffing levels (a first in Europe), and
  • the clinical leadership role nurses and midwives have in delivering services.