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Taking organ transplantation to 2020

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Our plan sets out how we will improve organ donation and transplantation in Wales.

In 2013 NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) published  ‘Taking Organ Transplantation to 2020’, a strategy to improve organ transplantation rates.

The Wales Action Plan sets out what needs to happen in Wales to deliver this strategy.

We need simultaneously over the next few years to drive continuous improvement on all aspects of organ donation and transplantation and this plan seeks to do just that. It sets out actions right across the pathway, from ensuring that everybody has the opportunity to make their decision known, whatever that may be, to ensuring that those who receive transplants have the appropriate after-care and follow-up. The Plan commits us to deliver certain outcomes by 2020.

We need to keep in mind the reason why delivering these changes are so important and value every organ donation. Every donor and every donor family deserves our thanks and recognition, and it is our responsibility to ensure that every donation counts. We need to think about the very many lives saved and improved because of somebody else’s generosity. It reflects the very best of humanity and society, and the NHS has a duty to do all it can to make every donation count.

We want to have amongst the best organ donation and transplantation rates in the world.

The plan is being put into practice by an advisory group, which includes the health service, government and voluntary sector. The group has decided that the immediate focus for Wales should be: 

  • Consistent application of donation pathways and best practice to improve donor rates
  • Robust and consistent performance management of organ donation by Organ Donation Committees and escalation arrangements where eligible donors do not proceed through the full pathway
  • Education and communication of organ donation for school children, the general public and health professionals directly and indirectly involved.

The UK strategy

A UK strategy (external link) explains what the UK should aim for in organ donation and transplantation. The detailed strategy describes in more depth.

Further information is available on the website Taking Organ Transplantation to 2020 (external link)

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