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Public Health (Minimum Price for Alcohol) (Wales) Bill

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Rebecca Evans, Minister for Social Services and Public Health
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The Bill was introduced into the National Assembly on 23 October 2017.

Why we need the Bill:

The Bill aims to  protect the health of harmful and hazardous drinkers, who tend to consume greater amounts of low-cost and high-alcohol content products. It indicates a firm commitment to further improving and protecting the health of the population of Wales. It is  part of a wider and continuing programme of work to address the harms associated with drinking alcohol. 

What the Bill aims to do:

It will mean that the Welsh Ministers can introduce a minimum unit price for the sale and supply of alcohol in Wales. The price of alcohol matters, and is a method of reducing excessive consumption. 

If passed, the Bill will:

Enable a minimum price to be set for the sale and supply of alcohol in Wales and make it an offence for alcohol to be sold or supplied below that price. 

Specifically, the Bill proposes:

  • the formula for calculating the applicable minimum price for alcohol by multiplying the percentage strength of the alcohol, its volume  and the minimum unit price 
  • powers for Welsh Ministers to make subordinate legislation to specify the minimum unit price 
  • to establish a local authority-led enforcement regime with powers to bring prosecutions 
  • powers of entry and inspection for authorised officers of a local authority, an offence of obstructing an authorised officer and the power to issue fixed penalty notices.
For more information and to view the Bill, please see the National Assembly for Wales website.