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Mental health and wellbeing service for veterans in Wales

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They will provide support for veterans and service personnel to ensure that their needs are reflected in local service plans.
The Armed Forces community is an integral part of Welsh society.  We are committed to ensuring that public services in Wales take full account of their needs.

Veterans will now be able to access a local mental health service tailored to their specific needs.

Many veterans in Wales are affected by mental health problems as a direct result of serving their country. The service will be funded fully by the Welsh Government from April 2010. Health Boards will now deliver a service which will include:

  • Comprehensive assessment of the psychological and social needs of veterans.
  • Veteran and carer involvement in the development of management plans to meet their health and social care needs.
  • Veterans and carers to be given information on other services and support that they are entitled to in an effort to improve their health and quality of life.

Additional support for veterans is now available to specifically address their needs. Armed Forces Champions’ in each Local Health Board and NHS Trust will help ensure their needs are met locally. They will also help improve links between:

  • Health and Social Services.
  • Veterans.
  • Veterans’ groups.
  • The military.

Furthermore, veterans in Wales also already receive priority NHS Wales healthcare and treatment for health conditions relating to their military service. Further information can be found in the following Welsh Health Circular (external link).

The following websites also contain further helpful information: