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Cigarette in an ashtray


Smoking is the leading single cause of serious illness and avoidable early death in Wales.

It accounts for around 5,500 deaths every year.

The Welsh Government is taking strong action to reduce smoking and to prevent young people from taking it up in the first place to improve health outcomes for our communities.

  • from 6 April 2015 small shops less than 280 square metres have had to cover their tobacco displays. Large stores removed their tobacco displays in December 2012
  • from 1 October 2015 it became illegal to smoke in private vehicles when someone under the age of 18 is present
  • from 1 October 2015 it became an offence to sell electronic cigarettes to someone under the age of 18. Purchasing these products on behalf of a minor was also made an offence
  • from 4 February 2016 the smoking ban legislation was amended to allow prisons to designate cells where smoking can take place until 5 April 2017. This will support the Ministry of Justice to make prisons in Wales completely smoke free.
  • from 5 April 2017 all prisons in Wales became smoke-free.
From the 20 May 2016 all tobacco products across the UK must be sold in standard packs. For more information please visit the Public Health England website (external link).