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We are committed to developing an integrated approach to policy-making for the Welsh coastline and seas.

We work across Government with partners to deliver the shared UK vision. That vision is to have 'clean, healthy, safe, productive and biologically diverse oceans and seas’. Wales consists of around of 32,000 km2 of sea, as well as 21,000 km2 of land. This marine area, larger than our land area, has abundant natural resource and brings significant opportunities.

We are applying this ecosystem approach to policy development across our portfolio, to areas such as marine management and fisheries, marine energy, tourism, transport, social inclusion and more. We are working with stakeholders to develop co-management arrangements and delivering healthy marine environments. 

We recognise the importance of freshwater and marine fisheries, and want to help anglers increase their economic value. We aim to develop the potential of aquaculture as part of the common fisheries policy, using Welsh expertise from industry and universities.