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Support for Added Value for Fisheries Products and Improvements to Shore-Based Facilities

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The EMFF offers support for investments relating to:

Added value, product quality and use of unwanted catches

Support is available for:

  • adding value to fishery products, in particular by allowing fishermen to carry out the processing, marketing and direct sale of their own catches
  • innovative investments on board that improve the quality of the fishery products

Improvements to Shore-Based Facilities - fishing ports, landing sites, auction halls and shelters

Support is available for:

  • improving the infrastructure of fishing ports, auction halls, landing sites and shelters, including investments in facilities for waste and marine litter collection
  • the construction or modernisation of structures for the sheltering of fishing vessels in order to improve the safety of fishermen.

Grant Amounts

The amount of grant offered would relate to individual circumstances and would always be the minimum amount necessary to allow the project to go ahead, subject to a minimum of £2,400.

How to find out more

Further details can be obtained by reading the ‘Support for Added Value for Fisheries Products and Improvements to Shore-Based Facilities Guidance Notes’.

How to Apply

For details of how to apply, please see the ‘How to apply for a European Maritime and Fisheries Fund grant’ webpage.

Applications will not be accepted from organisations, businesses or individuals who:

  • have been convicted of fraud under the European Fisheries Fund (EFF) or the EMFF
  • have been convicted of a ‘serious infringement’ or fraud in the 12 months before applying

Please see the EMFF Guidance on Serious Infringements and Fraud.