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How to Apply for an EMFF Grant

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The application process will be managed through the opening of specific Measures for proposals throughout the life of the programme. Measures will be closed when all funding has been allocated.

You must refer to the Measure Guidance Notes for the specific Measure/Article under which you are considering applying.

Applications will not be accepted from organisations, businesses or individuals who:

  • have been convicted of fraud under the European Fisheries Fund (EFF) or the EMFF 
  • have been convicted of a ‘serious infringement’ or fraud in the 12 months before applying.

You may submit your application in Welsh. Any application submitted in Welsh will be treated no less favourably than an application submitted in English. 

Call for Aquaculture Project Ideas:

The Welsh Government is holding a call for Aquaculture project ideas with the potential to submit EMFF applications aligning strongly with EMFF and Welsh Government strategic priorities.

Please see the ‘Support for Aquaculture’ webpage for details.

For projects relating to:

  • Support for Partnerships, Informaiton Sharing and Advisory Services
  • Support for Marketing and Processing
  • Support for Added Value for Fisheries Products and Improvements to Shore-Based Facilities
  • Support for Investments on Board Fishing Vessels
  • Support for the Marine Environment and Inland Aquatic Flora and Fauna

You must complete and submit a Project Outline Form prior to submitting your application:

Submit your Project Outline Form: 

The Project Outline Form is designed to provide some basic information about your project.  We will use this information to advise you on whether your project may be eligible for funding and to provide advice on the most appropriate EMFF Measure/Article under which to submit an application.  As part of this process, we may contact you to discuss your proposal in greater detail.

Please return the completed form to We will aim to contact you within two weeks of receiving your form to discuss your proposal.

If, after reviewing your Project Outline Form, we invite you to submit a full application, this does not guarantee that you will be awarded a grant.

Once you have submitted your full application, we will send you an acknowledgement and notification that you may proceed at risk on your project. We will aim to send this notification within 15 working days of receiving your full application. 

You must not start work on your project until you have received this notification.