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Recreational fishing

The content of this page is not being updated. Get up to date information on Apply to fish for lobster, crawfish, crab, prawn and whelk (Byelaw 30) at

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In order to look after our marine resources sustainably, we implement measures to manage certain recreational sea fishing activities.

If you wish to participate in recreational sea fishing you will need to consider the current management measures in place including specific requirements in the following areas:

  • hobby potting
  • netting
  • intertidal gathering of shellfish
  • recreational fishing for Bass
  • minimum fish sizes.

Certain fishing activity in Welsh waters will require authorisation through a permit.  The requirement for permits for certain fishing activities in Welsh waters allows the us to monitor or restrict the numbers of individuals or vessels involved in a fishery, while also providing valuable information about particular fisheries to assist with their management.

Links to byelaws guides, permit application forms and maps showing prohibited netting areas can be found below.