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Intertidal fisheries

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Harvesting Cockles

The harvesting of cockles and mussels takes place at many intertidal locations around the Welsh coast based on seasonal notices.

Many of these beds are in or adjacent to sites designated as being environmentally sensitive, or require defined access points. Therefore there are a number of regulations that are designed to protect flora, fauna and shellfish stocks. Many of the regulations are site specific or seasonal.

Management of cockles in Wales

In order to strengthen and improve the current regime for sustainable cockle management in Wales and address feedback from the industry following previous consultations, the Welsh Government is considering introduction of a new Statutory Instrument for Wales to replace the existing legislation and former byelaws.  

A new Statutory Instrument will likely cover areas such as allocation of permits, catch returns, penalties for non-compliance, and strengthening the existing “fit and proper persons” test, in order to increase sustainability of cockle fisheries and modernise the management regime for cockles.