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Fisheries Management issues around the inshore areas are regulated through the use of byelaws.

The former byelaws establish a number of areas of fisheries management including:

  1. Minimum sizes. A range of these measures are established for various fish and shellfish below which they may not be taken or removed.
  2. Burry Inlet Cockle Fishery. Although managed by Natural Resources Wales, certain byelaws comprise tools by which this fishery is managed.
  3. Spatial and Temporary Fishery Restrictions. Closed areas and seasons for certain fisheries are established under these former byelaws.
  4. Authorisation of Fixed Engines. These byelaws set out the details as to where and how fixed engines may be used.
  5. Permits and Authorisations. Required by the byelaws for various fisheries may be applied for in relation to a departure from the main provisions.
  6. Technical. A variety of restrictions are placed upon the construction and use of some fishing gears and vehicles.

Permit to allow recreational fishing for lobster, crab, prawn and whelk (Byelaw 30)

It is an offence to remove shellfish without a Fishing Licence (Commercial) or a Permit (Recreational).

Authorisation to fish for bivalve molluscan shellfish (including the use of dredges) (Byelaw 12)

An authorisation is required to fish for bivalve molluscs using a dredge.

Byelaws - definitions of South and South West Inshore District

This Section outlines the byelaws affecting fishing activities around the South and South West Wales coastline.

Byelaws - definitions of North Wales Inshore District

The byelaws affecting fishing activities around the North and West Wales coastline.