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The Demersal Landing Obligation

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Not all demersal species are covered by the Demersal Landing Obligation (DLO) straight away.

Phasing arrangements by the EU mean that only some species in certain areas and targeted by certain types of fishing gears will be included regulations from 2016. More species/gears will be added in future years until 2019 when all catch/quota species are due to be included.

We have written to all licensed vessels in Wales to inform them of their responsibilities under the DLO.

Guidance on how to follow the Demersal Landing Obligation rules in the North West Water Region may be found at (external link).

Please bear in mind when viewing this content that in relation to Wales, Welsh Government performs both the management and enforcement roles undertaken in England by Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) and the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) respectively.