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Common Fisheries Policy

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The reformed Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) began in January 2014, establishing a framework for EU Member States to manage fisheries and deliver their core objectives.

Importantly, these reforms include the pelagic and demersal landing obligations (also referred to as discard bans), the need to achieve Maximum Sustainable Yield (MSY) for all major fisheries by 2020 and greater regional understanding on management of the fleets and fishing opportunities.

The new CFP is contained within a package of measures which include:

Implementation of the new CFP will require fundamental changes to the EU Control and Technical Regulations and will also mean changes to domestic legislation, e.g. the removal of certain minimum landing sizes. In addition the CFP provides the basis for the day-to-day management of fisheries through such things as licensing of fishing boats and quotas. Importantly, the new CFP also offers the possibility for national and industry engagement in a more decentralised management approach. From Wales’ perspective, we can ensure the UK engages on a par with other Member States where we have a shared interest in a fishery.