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Local Sourcing

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Our food tourism strategy aims to ensure that Wales’ food and drink offer will make a positive contribution to Wales’ cultural identity.
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We are working to increase the amount of local food and drink purchased by consumers and the public sector in Wales.

Local sourcing of food and drink is one of the priorities of the Welsh Government. There are clear benefits from increasing the amount of local food and drink purchased in Wales, for example:

  • money is reinvested in our communities
  • ‘food miles’ – the distance our food has to be transported - are reduced
  • carbon emissions are lowered.

Many people now wish to know where their food comes from and are seeking reassurances on production methods, animal welfare, and the impact of food distribution systems. In Wales we have an extensive range of high quality local produce and the Welsh Government wants to help local food and drink producers to take advantage of the new opportunities that these trends are opening up.

The growing demand for local and regional food and drink provides an exciting challenge for producers of all sizes. The Local Sourcing Action Plan set out how we will meet the challenge and increase business for Welsh food and drink companies.

The plan sought to assist Welsh food and drink companies in their efforts to access local markets and also aimed to make it easier for consumers to buy food and drink produced in Wales. This should help to improve business, safeguard and create additional jobs, and encourage healthy eating. It should also help Wales to maintain high standards in food safety, develop local food cultures and reduce “food miles”.  

Significant progress has been achieved in carrying out the actions in the plan. Some highlights include:

  • the proportion of people in Wales who purchase Welsh food to has increased to 85% - its highest ever level
  • purchase of Welsh produce by public sector bodies in Wales has increased by 65% since 2003
  • supermarkets are responding to customer demand by stocking more and more local food
  • an initiative is under way supported by the Supply Chain Efficiencies scheme which supports direct sales. The Fork2Fork initiative aims to raise consumer awareness of farm shops, farmers’ markets box schemes and internet selling
  • a survey has shown that of those people in Wales who buy Welsh food, 18% buy it at a farmers market, farm shop or food festival (compared to only 7% in the rest of the UK)
  • a scheme is under way to increase the number of Protected Food Names designated products from two to ten by 2012.