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Heather and grass burning

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Man in protective clothing carrying out controlled burning

Heather and grass burning has traditionally been used in Wales as a land management tool to control heather, rough grass, gorse, bracken and other shrub species.

However, burning can be dangerous and cause damage to the environment and, in particular, wildlife. It is important that burning is always carried out under controlled conditions and within the permitted burning dates.

Burning dates and times

In Wales, burning is only allowed during the following periods:

  •  1 October - 31 March in Uplands
  •  1 November - 15 March elsewhere.

Anyone who wants to burn outside these dates will need a special licence to burn outside the season from the Welsh Government.

It is also illegal to burn between sunset and sunrise. In addition, a Burning Management Plan has to be completed for all proposed burnings.

Burning in Wales is controlled by The Heather and Grass (Burning) Regulations 2008 and The Heather and Grass Burning Code. The Code gives advice on safe burning and best practice.

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