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Plants, seeds and biotechnology

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All major agricultural and vegetable species grown in the United Kingdom must be listed on a National List of Varieties. All seeds and plants must be certified on this list before they can be sold.

We work closely with the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) (external link) to administer this in Wales.

There are many plant pests and diseases that could cause serious damage to our crops and plants. We are responsible for ensuring that they do not become established in Wales:

  • official controls apply to the import, movement and keeping of certain plants, plant pests and other material
  • policies and regulations prevent the introduction or spread of serious plant pests and diseases which threaten agriculture and our environment
  • policies and regulations ensure that the sale of agricultural produce is not affected by plant health problems.

The Plant Health and Seeds Inspectorate (PHSI) operates in Wales on behalf of the Welsh Government. They ensure that Welsh plant health and seeds regulations are enforced.

For more information visit Plant health controls - Animal and Plant Health Agency webpage (external link).