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Glastir Small Grants: Landscape and pollinators

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The theme of this Glastir Small Grants Window is ‘Landscape and Pollinators’. The available activities have been chosen for their ability to contribute to restoring landscape features and providing habitat for pollinator species.

Every eligible land parcel in Wales has been assigned a score for each available activity. 

Available Capital Works:

Main Capital Works

Trees – Standards (no fencing)
Trees and Shrubs (Transplants)
Trees & Shrubs – Whips
Orchard trees plus guard and stake
Sabre Planting
Hedge Coppicing and Gapping-Up
Hedge Laying
Pond restoration
Plant New Hedges for Pollinators
Dry Stone Wall Restoration
Earth Bank Restoration
Stone Faced Bank Restoration
Slate Fence Restoration

Supporting Capital Works

Ladder Stile
Timber Bridle Gate and Posts
Timber Kissing Gate and Posts
Wooden Stiles (rebated)
Badger Gate
Piped Water Supply
Water Gate
Water Troughs
Post and Rail Fencing
Post and Wire Fencing
Post and Wire Fencing with Stock Netting
Rabbit Fencing
Timber Field Gates (Hardwood)
Timber Field Gates (Softwood)
Parkland Tree Stock Guards
Tree Shelter (60cm with stake)
Spiral Rabbit Guards
Hedge Coppicing and Gapping-up
Hedge Laying
Bramble/Scrub Control (Hand Knapsack Sprayer)
Bracken Control (Hand Knapsack Sprayer)
Bracken Control (Mechanical Clearance)
Bracken Control (Tractor Mounted Sprayer)
Plant new Hedges for Pollinators
Earth Bank Restoration
Stone Faced Bank Restoration
Top Wiring on Stone Walls.