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Glastir Efficiency Grants

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Scheme closed to new entrants.

A capital grant scheme aimed at improving resource and business efficiency, and reducing the carbon equivalent emissions of agricultural and horticultural holdings.

Glastir - Efficiency Grants applications, together with relevant supporting documents had to be submitted to a Divisional Office by 29 March 2014.

Supporting quotations for new Manure or Slurry Stores must have been broken down into the separate costing details as follows:

  • groundworks   
  • base   
  • walls   
  • roof/covering   
  • steelwork.
Where a Nutrient Management Plan or Planning Permission were required, these documents could be submitted with the first claim. Claims could not be processed until these documents were been provided and found to be satisfactory.

Farmers were not to start work before their Glastir - Efficiency Grants contract was formally offered, as this would invalidate any contract offer.

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