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The selection process for Glastir Advanced 2019 Expressions of Interest

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Expressions of Interest for Glastir Advanced 2019 will be scored on their ability to deliver against the objectives the Welsh Government  are seeking to address.

Each farm will be allocated a score based upon the range and scale of delivery that can be achieved on that farm, adjusted to take account of farm size. A detailed explanation of the scoring process is available under The Scoring Process tab to the right of your screen. Once the scoring exercise has been completed, customers will be informed if they have been successful.

If you are selected for Glastir Advanced and subsequently withdraw your Expression of Interest after a Glastir Contract Manager's visit, please note that you will be excluded from applying for Glastir Advanced for two years. It is therefore important that you read and understand all of the available Glastir Advanced literature (available under the 2019 Guidance tab on the right of your screen). 

Next steps

Successful applicants will be visited by a Contract Manager during 2018. They will survey the farm and discuss the objectives that can be addressed by a potential Glastir Advanced Contract. The contract must deliver for the target objectives on farm. For instance, if a farm has 'lapwing' as an objective, there will be a requirement to undertake land management practices to support this species. Management might include:

  • managing marshy grassland
  • creating a pond, managing ditches
  • growing spring cereals.

The Contract Manager will have expert knowledge that will assist them in agreeing the best place on the farm for actions to be undertaken. One well-placed action can often deliver against more than one objective. 

More information on which actions deliver for which target objectives can be found under the “Target Checker and how to use it” tab on the right of your screen. When this process is concluded effectively, a Contract will be offered. This will define what actions are required and in what timeframe and will also detail the payments.