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All farmers and foresters in Wales have the right to appeal against decisions taken by Agriculture, Food and Marine, concerning their EC subsidy or grant applications.

The ‘Independent Appeals Process for Farmers and Foresters in Wales’ is a fair, simple and affordable procedure which allows applicants to request a review of decisions affecting their payments.

The process consists of two stages:

  • stage 1 is a review by the Rural Payments Customer Contact Unit
  • stage 2 is a review by an independent panel.

The panel makes recommendations to the Deputy Minister for Farming and Food, who takes the final decision.

Payment and grant schemes currently eligible for review under the appeals process

2015 (and later) schemes:

  • Basic Payment Scheme (BPS)
  • BPS National Reserve
  • TB Compensation Scheme
  • TB Cross-compliance penalties
  • Farm Business Grant
  • Farming Connect
  • Glastir Entry
  • Glastir Advanced
  • Glastir Commons
  • Glastir Woodland
  • Glastir Organic.

Pre 2015 schemes:

  • Single Payment Scheme (SPS)
  • Improved Land Premium
  • Farm Woodland Premium Scheme
  • Farm Woodland Scheme
  • Organic Farming Scheme
  • Organic Maintenance Scheme
  • Environmentally Sensitive Areas
  • Young Entrant Support Scheme
  • Glastir Efficiency Grant
  • Tir Mynydd
  • Tir Cynnal
  • Tir Gofal
  • Protein Crop Premium
  • Aid for Energy Crops
  • Habitat Scheme
  • Better Woodlands for Wales
  • Catchment Sensitive Farming.

Contact details

The appeals process is administered by the Common Agricultural Policy Planning Division (CPD) Appeals Unit:

Rural Payments Wales (RPW) Appeals Unit
A04 South Wing
Government Buildings
Cathays Park
CF10 3NQ

Tel: 03000 257361 / 251382 

Stage 2 panel hearings are administered and arranged by:

Independent Appeals Secretariat
Government Buildings
Spa Road East
Llandrindod Wells

Tel: 03000  256226 / 257355