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Cross Compliance: Current rules and guidance

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Updated Farmers’ Cross Compliance Factsheets.

The vast majority of Cross Compliance rules continue to apply as notified in 2017, but the following fact sheets have been updated for 2018 to reflect changes in requirements and good practice:

  • SMR 3: Conservation of Fauna and Flora (Biodiversity) – a change has been made to the introduction to clarify the requirements cover all land, not just Sites of Special Scientific Interest and Special Areas of Conservation
  • SMR 8: Sheep and goat identification -updated to reflect the new County Parish Holding (CPH) Animal Movement rules
  • GAEC 6: Soil and Organic Matter (Maintenance) - updated to incorporate the new Environmental Impact Assessment (Agriculture) (Wales) Regulations 2017
  • Useful Contact details have been updated.

Verifiable Standards 2018

Changes have also been made to clarify GAEC 5 & 6 of the 2018 Verifiable Standards, although no new rules have been introduced.

Document Download

Adobe PDF document
2018 Useful contacts (File size: 35KB)
Adobe PDF document
SMR 2: Wild Birds (File size: 60KB)
Adobe PDF document
SMR 4: Food and Feed Law (File size: 51KB)
Adobe PDF document
GAEC 3: Water- Groundwater (File size: 47KB)