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Decision on common land at Mynydd y Gwair, Swansea  

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The deregistration and exchange of common land (section 16) and the consent for works (section 38) on common land.


The applications sought:

  • the erection of a temporary meteorological anemometry mast and associated fencing
  • the surfacing and improvement of the proposed access route
  • the deregistration and exchange of land
  • the erection of temporary protective fencing for CADW Scheduled monuments.

The common land applications were considered by an independent Planning Inspector who held a hearing in respect of the applications. The Inspector prepared a report for the Deputy Minister for Farming and Food.


The Minister agreed with the Inspector's recommendation that:

  • consent for the deregistration and exchange and works on common land at Mynydd y Gwair should not be granted
  • consent for works in respect of the temporary anemometry mast should be granted subject to conditions.

The decision letter contains the reasoning behind the Deputy Minister's decision.

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