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Section 25: Electronic registers

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Project to develop and introduce electronic registers for common land and town or village greens in Wales.

We are committed to protecting our common land, both now and for future generations. Under Section 25 of the Commons Act 2006, we are permitted to keep all, or any part, of a register in electronic form.

We are pressing ahead with the project to develop and introduce an electronic register of Common Land and Town or Village Greens for Wales.  The project is broken down into four phases over four years:

  1. project start up
  2. system design and build
  3. data migration
  4. deployment.
Working in partnership is the key principle underpinning this project. Increased collaborative working with common land registration authorities and other partners will be crucial to success, and we will publish regular updates.

To register your interest and/or receive updates direct, please e-mail us at: