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Common Land Registration Authorities

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Common Land Registration Authorities are responsible for maintaining the Registers of Common Land and Village Greens.

The Commons Registration Act 1965 (external link) required each county council to establish a Register of Common Land.   They were also required to administer the registration of common land and town and village greens required under the 1965 Act.

Each of the 22 current Unitary Authorities in Wales (external link) is a Commons Registration Authority and they hold the Registers established under the 1965 Act.  They offer support and advice on common land issues and are the first point of contact for the majority of common land queries.

Their main function today is to:

  • maintain the registers for public inspection
  • conduct searches of the registers
  • handle applications for amendments to the registers
  • register new town and village greens
  • remove common land from the registers.