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Welsh Government Rural Communities – Rural Development Programme 2014 -2020

Feasibility Study Pembrokeshire Heathland Beef, National Trust



Evaluation of a project funded under the Supply Chain Efficiencies scheme of the Wales Rural Development Plan 2007-2013.

The aims of this study were: to establish if there is a demand for a conservation type beef produced from Pembrokeshire heathlands within the catering, hotels and butchery trade; to provide an indication of size of market in the locality; to establish size and breed of the proposed conservation type; gather the views of local farmers; provide recommendations on future development.

Evaluation Reports are published to help disseminate findings, successes, challenges and lessons learnt from projects funded with Rural Development Programme support. The reports published in this section have been supplied by the deliverers of projects and copyright for the reports remain with each project sponsor. They are published to help disseminate project results and to aid good practice.