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Project description:

The Dog Friendly Pilot aims to test the positives and negatives of a community becoming dog friendly. The project will aim to promote dog friendly accommodation, eateries, attractions, shops, walks and other dog friendly business within the Vale of Glamorgan. 

What will the project achieve?

In addition to identifying dog-friendly features, the pilot aims to promote the importance of responsible dog ownership.  Links will be made with Cornish Local Action Group members with a view to future discussions on possible cooperation projects. 

Who are the project beneficiaries?

It is hoped that the pilot project will benefit various businesses in the Vale of Glamorgan area. The project is aiming to provide a great opportunity to investigate how more visitors can be attracted to the area including those with dogs. 

What was the result of your project?  

There are now 65 participants in the project including shops, accommodation providers, places to visit, places to eat and drink and service providers.  A Facebook page with 1105 followers, a active Twitter, Instagram and blog provide an interactive way for visitors and businesses to share information.  

What’s next for your project?

A full evaluation of the pilot is planned for January 2018.

Further project information:

Hannah Dineen: 01446 704 226

Email -

Paws in the Vale website

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