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Axis 1 - The Competitiveness of Agriculture and Forestry


The following agriculture and forestry schemes are delivered under Axis 1 of the Rural Development Plan for Wales 2007 - 2013.

Farming Connect

Farming Connect, working closely with its partner organisations, provides one-one support, knowledge, expertise, training and advisory services, tailored to the needs of farmers. Many of them are fully funded or subsidised and can help faming families run their businesses more efficiently and safeguard the future of their farm business.

Farm Advisory Service

The fully funded Farm Advisory Service, helps eligible farm businesses meet cross-compliance and environmental regulations.  The scheme can offer a new improved range of ‘value added’ services that is both flexible and accessible. We aim to encourage farmers to be innovative, plan ahead and ensure their farm reaches its full potential.

Processing and Marketing Grant Scheme

The aim of the Processing and Marketing Grant Scheme is to support farm and forestry businesses, food and drink producers and processors to add value to their products and become innovative and competitive in global markets.

Supply Chain Efficiency Scheme

The Supply Chain Efficiency Scheme is designed to support businesses, farmers and foresters to find new and alternative markets. The key aim is to provide financial support for collaborative supply chain focussed initiatives and co-operation projects that will develop new products, processes and technologies in the agriculture, food and forestry sectors.