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Pillar 1 – Direct Payments to Farmers

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The Common Agricultural Policy’s Pillar 1 - Direct Payments to Farmers is the successor to the Single Payment Scheme and will run from 2015 – 2020.

It will provide direct income support for farmers to:

  • manage their land in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner 
  • maintain animal welfare standards to make farms more resilient in the long term.

The Direct Payments will pay agricultural businesses in Wales income support of around €260 million a year and more comes from the RDP supporting businesses and employment.

Welsh Ministers made a statement about further decisions on Pillar 1 of the Common Agricultural Policy.

Welsh Ministers made a statement about introducing the technical review process for land payment region classification for the CAP Basic Payment Scheme.

On 14 January 2014, Welsh Ministers announced their decisions for the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) Pillar 1, direct payments for farmers. A Welsh Government booklet explaining the decisions is available here - Direct payments to farmers: Decisions.

In Autumn 2014, our domestic legislation was challenged and quashed. This led to a new consultation on the Basic Payment Scheme being launched on 31 March. The consultation ended on 23 June with 233 responses.

The Deputy Minister for Farming and Food made a statement on 7 July 2015 confirming her decision on the payment option for the Basic Payment Scheme. She has decided to apply a flat rate, on a five year transition to 2019 with redistributive payments. This will give an additional payment on the first 54 hectares of a claimant's farm.