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Common Agricultural Policy

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Deputy Minister for Farming and Food, Rebecca Evans announced her decision on the method of payment to be implemented for the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) in Wales.
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The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) for Wales enables us to fund activities which support farmers, the countryside and rural communities.

These activities encourage the sustainable management of agriculture and the environment. There are four key areas:

  • agriculture
  • forestry, environment and countryside
  • supply chain for agriculture and forestry
  • quality of life in rural areas.

The CAP is a European Union policy that is refined for use in Wales by the Welsh Government.

In January 2014 the Welsh Government announced decisions for the Basic Payment Scheme in Wales, commencing in January 2015 and replacing the Single Payment Scheme. In autumn 2014, our domestic legislation was challenged and quashed. This led to a new consultation on the Basic Payment Scheme being launched on 31 March. The consultation ended on 23 June with 233 responses.

The Deputy Minister for Farming and Food made a statement on 7 July 2015 confirming her decision on the payment option for the Basic Payment Scheme. She decided to apply a flat rate, on a five year transition to 2019 with redistributive payments. This will give an additional payment on the first 54 hectares of a claimant’s farm.