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Amaeth Cymru – Agriculture Wales

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Amaeth Cymru Report - The future of agriculture in Wales: the way forward.

Amaeth Cymru – Agriculture Wales was established on 25 September 2015 following a Welsh Government consultation on a Strategic Framework for Welsh Agriculture.

This consultation was based around a ‘principles paper’ developed by leading industry stakeholders and took into account the work of various independent reviewers. 

Amaeth Cymru is an industry-led group, with Welsh Government as an equal partner. The membership of the group covers a spectrum of interests, including farming unions, levy bodies, government, academics and industry experts. Full membership can be found below. 

Through joint working, Amaeth Cymru seeks to provide strong, collective leadership to move the industry forward and realise our shared vision for Welsh Agriculture. All partners have an important role to play and take collective responsibility for delivering the Vision.

This document sets out our Vision for Welsh Agriculture, the associated outcomes, an overview of where the industry is currently and the strategic priorities that we will need to address to achieve that Vision.