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Collections, Infrastructure and Markets Sector Plan

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Guidance to help planners following the publication of the Waste Collections, Infrastructure and Markets Sector Plan.
This consultation on the outcomes, policies and delivery actions for this sector closed on 10 June 2011.
Explains what we are doing to reduce, recycle and dispose of waste so we can achieve zero waste in Wales by 2050.
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This Sector Plan which covers the management of all waste in Wales and suggests where improved recycling is needed.

This plan seeks to create a sustainable approach to resource management by:

  • ensuring that a high volume of clean, recycling is separated at source (for example on the door step) is collected and delivered to reprocessors (based in Wales as far as possible); and 
  • that markets are developed for the recycled material (within Wales as far as possible).

This plan aims to ensure, as far as possible, that that the economic value of the recycled material stays in the Welsh economy.

The plan identifies where improvements in recycling collection are needed and where opportunities to develop infrastructure exist. This plan aims to facilitate infrastructure developments by demonstrating the need for such investments.