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National Strategy

The Flood and Water Management Act requires the development of a National Strategy for Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management in Wales.

What is the National Strategy for flood and coastal erosion risk management in Wales?

The National Strategy for Wales sets out our policies on flood and coastal erosion risk management. It also establishes a delivery framework that meets the needs of Wales now and in the future.  

The Strategy sets out a framework that will help communities, the public sector and other organisations to work together to manage flood and coastal erosion risk.

It will support local decision-making and engagement in flood and coastal erosion risk management, making sure that risks are managed in a co-ordinated way across Wales. This includes the development of local flood risk management strategies by Lead Local Flood Authorities (local authorities in Wales). The Environment Agency has an oversight role for all sources of flooding and coastal erosion and will report progress each year.  

Why do we need a National Strategy in Wales?

Flooding and coastal erosion are two of the most visible effects of the changes in our climate.  

It is important to be clear and honest about what we, the Welsh Government, and the Risk Management Authorities can and cannot do, and what we expect individuals and communities to do for themselves.

Developing the National Strategy

We consulted on the National Strategy in summer 2010. The consultation closed on 8 October 2010. It received a good response and positive comments in consultation events.

The consultation responses / summary of responses are available on the consultation page. This is available on the right on this page.