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About the strategy

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Welsh countryside
The strategy was published in May 2006. It set out what we wanted to achieve in 20 years time (by 2026), and how to get there.

We are currently reviewing the Environment Strategy to ensure that we reflect the relevant commitments in the Natural Resource Management Programme.

The consultation process

The Strategy has been developed through an extensive consultation process and in partnership with key stakeholders. It reflects the results of the consultation Our Environment - Our Future - Your Views launched in July 2005, and the results of a pre-consultation held in summer 2004. The consultation process helped to identify the key environmental issues we need to address the actions we need to take to address them.

The Strategy

The Environment Strategy is our long term strategy for the environment of Wales, setting the strategic direction for the next 20 years. It provides the framework within which to achieve our vision for the environment of Wales. The Strategy has five main environmental themes:

  • addressing climate change
  • sustainable resource use
  • distinctive biodiversity, landscapes and seascapes
  • our local environment
  • environmental hazards.

For each of these subjects, the Strategy explains the issues and where we are now. It sets out the environmental outcomes we want to achieve and the associated indicators and timelines for delivery.