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Marine energy


Wales has the potential to be a world-leader in the marine energy market.

Wales has:

  • 1200km of coastline; 
  • strategically located deep sea ports; 
  • accessible grid infrastructure; 
  • a manufacturing base; and 
  • up to 6.2GW (GigaWatts) of estimated generating capacity - over 10GW if you include the Severn Estuary.

As a government, we:

  • have invested £1m through the Marine Renewable Energy Strategic Framework to understand our resource. We are working with Halcrow to identify the infrastructure requirements of the industry;
  • are working with The Crown Estate to open the seas around Wales that have potential towards the deployment of marine renewable energy devices; and
  • are supporting the work of Marine Energy Pembrokeshire. This is a partnership between academia, the public and private sector. They are working together to establish Pembrokeshire as a ‘centre of excellence’ for sustainable marine electricity generation.

Key things we will do

In this Government term, we will:

  • lead the development of a competitive marine energy sector in Wales by helping businesses, academia and the public sector to work together;
  • complete our marine energy infrastructure project to identify sites for wave and tidal stream developments and what is needed to support them;
  • work with The Crown Estate and industry to develop a marine energy leasing round for Welsh waters;
  • continue to support institutions like the Low Carbon Research Institute (LCRI) and SEACAMS (Sustainable Expansion of the Applied Coastal and Marine Sectors) to develop expertise and technologies to meet growing demands for marine renewables;
  • provide information and guidance to the emerging marine renewable energy sector on the opportunities in Welsh waters;
  • work with partners to promote Wales as a centre for marine renewables; 
  • investigate how to advance the deployment of marine energy arrays;
  • gear up training providers to ensure capacity exists to deliver a future workforce with the skills needed to support marine energy investments;
  • continue to press the UK Government for a fair resolution to the Renewables Obligation so Wales does not lose out and a solution under the Electricity Market Reform (EMR) that provides a more equal and stronger support for marine energy in Wales.