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Fuel Poverty Evidence Plan

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Reducing poverty, particularly persistent poverty, in some of our poorest areas and communities is at the centre of the Welsh Government’s policy agenda.
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The Fuel Poverty Evidence Plan sets out how we will monitor and evaluate progress on reducing fuel poverty.

We published a Fuel Poverty Strategy in July 2010. This included a commitment to develop a Monitoring and Evaluation Plan.

This plan covers:

  • progress towards these targets
  • how we will gather the information we need to inform future programmes and policy decisions
  • how we will ensure that the programmes we fund and policies that we put in place have the maximum possible impact on reducing fuel poverty

This plan looks at monitoring and evaluating progress to improve the efficiency of housing in Wales, particularly homes occupied by low income or vulnerable households. We will help householders to get the best deal available on their fuel bills and track overall levels of fuel poverty in Wales.

The Evidence Plan will be updated as and when changes or updates are required.