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Arbed programme

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A household is in fuel poverty if they spend 10% or more of their income on energy costs.
Climate change is the way the world's climate is changing as a result of the level of gases in the atmosphere.

Wales’ strategic energy performance investment programme.

The Arbed scheme supports our commitment to:

  • help eradicate fuel poverty,
  • reduce carbon emissions,
  • boost economic development in Wales.


We have completed two rounds of Arbed programmes since 2009.

We invested £30million into phase one between 2009-11. This funding also leveraged in £31million from Registered Social Landlords (RSL’s) and energy companies. Phase one achieved it’s aim of improving the energy efficiency of over 6,000 homes in Wales.

Phase 2 ran from 2012-16 and the total value of the project was £45million. The project was partly funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) (£33m) and partly by the Welsh Government (£12m). In 2014/15 Welsh Government invested an extra £22m alongside the EU scheme. Measures were installed at a total of 6,535 dwellings.

Arbed 3

Arbed 3 target improvements to over 6,000 homes in areas throughout Wales where households are more likely to be living in severe fuel poverty. The scheme will also provide a range of advice to help householders reduce their energy usage and utility bills.

The primary focus of the scheme is to reduce fuel poverty. A household is in severe fuel poverty if they spend more than 20% of their income on energy costs, including Housing Benefit or Income Support. If they spend 10% of their income on energy costs, they are in fuel poverty.

Arbed 3 will invest £54 million over the lifetime of the project, which will run from 2018-21. Funding for Arbed 3 will come from a combination of:

  • the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF),
  • Welsh Government,
  • other sources of local and UK national funding, including the Energy Company Obligation (ECO).

There is a wide range of data sources that will be used to identify suitable target areas such as:

  • Welsh Index of Multiple Depravation (WIMD)
  • Energy Performance Certifications / Landmark Register
  • Internal council data
  • Lower Super Output Area (LSOA) data
  • Housing benefit data
  • Communities first areas
  • Flying Start areas
  • Free Schools Meals data
  • Housing and Health Action data


The programme will be delivered by Arbed am Byth (external link) (A joint venture between Everwarm and Energy Saving Trust). Arbed am Byth will work with Local Authorities to identify areas of fuel poverty in the areas of Wales where the greatest impact can be made.

The Scheme Manager will manage the programme from beginning to end. They will identify and develop schemes and local relationships by working with Local Authorities and local supply chains.

The Scheme Manager will carry out an assessment on each property and design packages that could consist of one or more measures, for example:

  • Low energy light bulbs
  • Draught proofing
  • Loft insulation
  • Cavity wall insulation
  • External wall insulation
  • Thermostats and Thermostatic Radiator Valves
  • Boiler or renewable heat source repairs
  • Central heating system
  • Replacement boilers
  • Radiators
  • Electric storage heaters
  • Renewable Technologies e.g Air Source Heat Pump / Solar Photovoltaics / Solar Thermal 

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