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Framework providers

The Re:fit framework operates across the UK and is managed by Local Partnerships, a not-for-profit consultancy, owned by HM Treasury and the Local Government Association.

Sixteen framework providers have been appointed as part of an OJEU compliant procurement exercise:

  • Ameresco Limited 
  • Bouygues E&S FM UK  Ltd
  • Breathe Energy 
  • British Gas Trading Limited 
  • Engie Services Limited 
  • Cynergin Projects Limited 
  • EDF Energy Customers plc 
  • Herbert T. Forrest Ltd
  • ISS Facility Services Ltd
  • Kier Services 
  • Larkfleet Limited 
  • Matrix Control Solutions Ltd
  • Zephyro 
  • Robertson Construction Group Limited
  • SSE Contracting Limited 
  • Vital Energi Utilities Ltd
Welsh businesses can  be part of the supply chain for these framework providers. Support is available through the Energise Wales [link – do we need to update in light of changing supply chain support?] programme to make the most of your potential to be part of Re:fit.